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If you follow the model I posted, there is no contradiction at all.

Airsoft = Replica = Prohibited Device.

Where can you check all that? Dept of Justice and the CCRA.

It's on record that airsoft are treated as replicas, more than once. Even in this thread by others than me.
It's on record that replica firearms are prohibited.
Prohibited Devices cannot be obtained (anymore) if you follow that logic, and certainly not by non-adults.

If you are over 18, and already have a Replica, no real problem. You bought it, it's in your possession, you own it. What you do with it requires some common-sense.
You can even loan it to another person if you are present to supervise. Almost like the regulations for real handguns.

However the logic and follow-through is lacking, and can be interpreted as being a Provincial matter. BUT... the regulations about Replicas and Prohibited devices are Federal: They apply across Canada.

As to what happened at Pacific Mall, I'm sure the Mods are far more capable for tracking it down. Or was it that case where a guy was arrested and then was shown to have a lot of airsoft he used? Either one, they got charged and convicted.

I dont feel like arguing this in a Court of Law, so I'll still follow what I think applies and err on the side of caution (or the side of what was last posted on Federal websites).
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