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Originally Posted by ProbeJax View Post
So the conclusion is "No, it's not illegal for someone under 18 to own an airsoft gun."

EDIT: And I didn't mention buying it.
Depends. If you follow the Court ruling (which has power behind it), you will put 2+2 together.

Airsoft = Replica.
Replica = Prohibited Device.

Requirement to have in your possession OR buy a Prohibited device is to be 18+, buy it, own it, and only let it be used under your direct supervision.

If you are under 18, you cannot own a Prohibited Device last I checked. This may have changed but I doubt it. Someone here would have noticed.

You CAN use one IF the owner is right there supervising you and IF the place where it's being used allows people under 18 (that's an insurance matter for the field owner). That applies to any Prohibited Device.

I wish they would make it clear that this is the way Airsoft are seen, but for now, as said, I'll follow what the Court ruled. Unless I misread it, Airsoft are also classified as Prohibited devices by Customs, so that pretty much nails it down if you put everything together.

Laws regarding airguns (many of which are quoted) dont apply to airsoft.

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