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The last court cases (in Ontario) were for the store at Pacific Mall that got accused.

The legal ruling, which was crossposted here and may still be somewhere, considered Airsoft as Replica guns. This means that unless something better comes along, or that court ruling gets overturned, airsoft = replicas in Court.

So, based on that Court decision, the only thing we can use are the laws relating to Replicas and they are fairly clear. You cant buy one if you are under 18, and you also cant own one if you are under 18. (Having the right to buy it, or acquire it, means you have the right to own it. If buying / acquiring requires 18 with no further restrictions like permits, then the same applies to owning since you must do one before being able to do the second).

You can use one IF under the direct supervision of the legal owner, and IF the place you use them is also authorized for such (and allows minors, but that's a field by field decision with some provincial rules and bylaws thrown in).

That's how it stands, and I can also stand corrected if there was a new court ruling to overturn that decision. Until then, that's what I personally stick by.

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