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here is the issue...

It is not legal for a person under the age of 18 to posses a replica firearm.
They are proscribed under the CCC as prohibited devices..

but... Airsoft guns as a class of articles are not proscribed as replicas...although practically every one that has ever been tested by a court has met the criteria to be classed as a replica.

such tests only happen when charges are laid.

So If airsoft are replicas..they are proscribed and Governed by the CCC and the provisions of the Firearms Act... which limits possession of firearms to persons 18 years and older, without supervision. even though they are not firearms .. replicas are proscribed so the same age restrictions apply

So technically if a minor committed an offense with an airsoft gun.. and was charged... they would also likely face a charge of unlawful possession of a prohibited well.

so the same "loop hole" that people are buying and selling airsoft guns through .. applies to possession by minors...

it is not any more illegal for a minor to have one than it is for you to sell one to someone else.
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