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Ive never read of any such law but personally I just go by the, you should be 18 because 18 is the age that a person is considered an adult, and therefore responsible for their own actions, aside from that, I cannot offer much more.

Did I smoke before I was 18? Yep
Did I drink before I was 19?(19 in sask to drink) Hell yes
Did I attempt anal sex before I was 18? You better fucking believe it.
(on that last one, people should look into it, the legal age for anal sex is actually 18)

Of course people who are underage are gona try and do things they want to, if they are allowed or if they are not.
The best we can do is attempt to educate them, and attempt to weed out the stupid and make sure they understand what they are doing, you dont just get in the car and drive before your 16 (unless you grew up in sask and lived on a farm that is), you had to to wait till you were legally allowed to drive and have had enough practive, but in regards to airsoft, there is no law that I know of that states that you have to be 18 here in sask, its only a well practised rule that we use.

I believe the 18 thing is just so that the person with the airsoft gun can be held responsible instead of the blame falling on a parent or guardian, but I believe that is also what juvy is for.

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