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Is it Illegal for a Minor to POSSESS an Airsoft Gun in Canada?

Someone please educate me as to exactly what laws are being broken when a minor owns an airsoft gun.

Please cite the location of the specific codes as written in the Canadian Criminal Code, because I've personally never heard of such a thing before.

I want to get this cleared up right here and now so that the constant reports about "minors breaking the law" either stop or get enforced properly. Mind you, it's generally the same guys who complain about minors "breaking the law", performing "illegal activities", and "promoting illegal behaviour" but I have yet seen a single shred of proof or cited material to prove these claims. This clarification needs to be made.

For you guys who always complain about this issue, state your case, provide your claim and cite the specific areas as outlined by the Canadian Criminal Code. If you can back it up, then I'll enforce the claims more strongly, but until then, any more such complaints will yield the COMPLAINER with an infraction for wasting the time of moderators.
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