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Swiss Arms - KWC Sig P2022 CO2 Softair

Ok before anyone comes down on me for reviewing a "softair" gun please just read the review first before flaming.

I picked this gun up at the local hardware store because it was a cheap looking sidearm and I was really bored.

Pros: Cheap sidearm with good firepower
Cons: Crap safety, clear, NBB

When I first seen it I thought it was just another springer until I noticed the FPS on the box read 380fps with .20 BB's. The package read Co2 and I knew from Kamloops playing fields that you can command serious power and respect with a CO2 sidearm. Sadly the gun is clear with the tip of the barrel orange but depending on low term dependability tests, it might be painted black in the future.

The ejection port on the slide is black which makes it stand out against the clear slide and has a serial number 206005GN and under that reads 6mm. On the slide is a simple warning about safe use and below that reads Read Manual and KWC. The otherside reads Sig Sauer SP2022 and a Made in Taiwan below that.

The gun also has a built in rail as well for mounting a small taclight or laser.

When I took the gun out of the package it was light until I put the mag into the gun though then the full weight comes to bear. The gun weighs 710g so not too bad. The grip although plastic, almost has a rubbery feel to the outside and the entire gun fits nicely into my hands.

The slide does seem to be a little off on the front end but since its NBB it doesnt effect shooting at all.

The entire gun does has that cheap plastic feel though comapred to name brand airsoft sidearms.

The gun and such were packaged in plastic like a toy which really sucks but oh well. The package includes the gun, one mag, cheap .2 BBs, and a hex wrench for the bottow of the mag where the CO2 canister goes into.

The trigger is a nice strong pull and the gun simple fires. The first time I fired it I wasn't sure it was working properly because it is just the quiet. I don't have a chrono to test the 380fps mark but it was doing damage to random things around the room and when a team mate offered to be a live dummy and take a round to the back through a workshirt and jacket... well it developed a welt the size of a dime in diameter, about a quarter inch high, and a red mark around all that about 2 inches in diamter... sorta looks like a nipple lol.

As fast as you pull the trigger the rounds are fired. Another sad part is the mag only holds 14 rounds and spare mags are not available as of yet.

Without long term testing I have no idea how long the gun will last. I paid $69.99 for it plus the cost of CO2 cartridges.

So if you need a cheap sidearm with some serious firepower then this is worth it or if you want something to plink this is really well worth it.
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