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WOW...Gone for a few days dealing with some other business and this is what happens. I have to say all are a heck of alot nicer and supportive some some of our...US fans.

You know're right. Airsoft in Canada should be reported more often, and the next issue, we'll do something for you guys. Whether it be a team interview, article on laws and drama that goes on up there, and/or a user's article.

So my question...what you would all like to see? Or what's most important to you guys, and we'll try to write something up on it. Note, we are very busy throughout 2008 so we won't be able come on up anytime soon, but HOPEFULLY sometime in the future.

Thanks again guys for all the support! You guys are helping us grow and become better for YOU...the airsoft community. You're also part of the reason why we had over 16,500+ downloads for our last issue. Thanks again goes out to our Northern Neighbors!

God Bless & Best Wishes,
Nick Petrus-Owner/Main Editor
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