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FPS: Varies by game and location. Provinces usually set a limit. The legal maximum is considered to be 500 on .2's I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) but most places won't allow a gun that hot.

Tactics? Well I guess you mean what kind of games (Mil-sim or otherwise) we hold. It varies a lot. Some are hardcore milsim, some are just "have fun, be an action hero" kind of games.

Manufacturer's don't matter. In fact, most people around here tend to get metal bodied guns from Classic Army or G&P rather than marui. If it shoots and you like it, chances are you'll be allowed to use it. We even have systema users here.

Other than that, welcome, read the FAQ's as they've got a TON of awesome information and resources and hope everything works out so that you can come and shoot with us canadian folk in the future.
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