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Location: philippines..but im planning to move to canada
hi guys just new here..pinoy players pls enter also

hi guys im just new here and im planning to go (for good) to canada..ontario, scarborough to be exact.. it will be next year if things got to what it should be.and so i would like to know infos about airsoft in canada.i know theres a lot of good players there the same as in my country.anyway iam from the philippines and i would look like to ask how airsoft games are held in canada..what are the FPS limits and the kinds of tactics do you usually play? is there in way that it would only be marui that the players should use? i really would like to day ill be there and will be playing with you guys..i hope you guys could visit and be members of our own forums... and pm me..i would like to hear from you guys,thanks a using m16 a4 as my basic flat form..might be sniping or assault. and planning to buy SIG 552 and G36c..philippines has a lot of terrain so i am exposed to this kind of u love cqbs? close quarter battle?
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