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Kraken AK47/Cyma 028 Review

Lots of threads come up about kraken/cyma ak47's, like are they good, should I buy, and so forth. I'm going to try my best to inform potential buyers on the quality, performance, looks, etc., of this AEG

First Thoughts Upon Arrival
I received the rifle approximately 2 weeks after ordering from *Note that I ordered around Xmas. So, naturally I dove right into the process of tearing open the packaging, which took approximately a half hour to do. *The plastic is a bitch to open. So, I finally got it out, and the first thing I noticed is the weight. It weighs about 7 lbs without the battery, and magazine. The package comes with: AfterMath/Cyma AK47 AEG, high cap PLASTIC magazine, 1000 Aftermath Fuel .2g BB's, "Tactical" sling, and an 8.4 volt, 1200 mAh battery w/ charger. Good stuff.

The gun looks almost identical to the TM Ak47, but the Buttstock, foregrip, and pistol grip, are a cheap looking OD plastic. I strongly recommend that if you purchase this gun, make sure that you order the package that includes either the black, or wood kit. *Both are made of plastic, but don't look cheap. I ordered the black, and when I installed it, it sure looked sharp.*See the od kit in my signature
Metal Parts: There are only a few things on this AEG that aren't metal, and its basically the same parts as the TM ak47. The Stock, forgrip, and pistol grip are plastic, and so is the magazine, and receiver. You can order non-plastic parts from just about any airsoft website, because it is a Marui clone, and is 100% compatible with all TM parts. Everything else on this gun is metal. 4/5 due to the cheap looking stock, etc.
So, I played with all of the doodads on the gun, and then decided to take it outside for a test fire...
The thing that surprised me the most was the velocity. It seems to shoot around the stated 370 FPS w/ .2 grams. It'll punish a cardboard box on both sides from about 30-40 feet. Next, the accuracy.
The accuracy of this AEG is very good for a stock rifle. It gets about an 6 cm grouping from about 35 feet on full auto. The battery lasts for about 1.5 hours of nonstop shooting, and this was in about -15 degrees. The ROF is only a little bit slower than a TM, but with a bigger battery it will outshoot a Marui. I give it a 4.5/5 for performance

Overall I believe that this AEG is excellent for it's $220 dollar price tag. It is definately perfect for anybody that wants a fast shooting, accurate AEG at an affordable price.
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