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OK first off i want to nail home the point i was not charged with anything (yay me) and they did not see my stuff, its behind closed and locked doors.

everything i own is legal and was obtained legally

all of my good guns were in locked cases, my air rifles were on a locked gun rack and my wall hangers were also locked to there respective racks. and then finally my room is locked down in several different ways. I took every precaution with my stuff. which now that i think about it, would have been funny if the cops found it and wanted to take it, cus they would have had to call me home to unlock it for them lol

i agree 100% with what you guys say about my brother and i must admit its hard on me and my parents to have to deal with him. the Toronto police have my fully support in there case against him.

the reason i threw this up was well for one i was frustrated and i needed to tell someone.

sry for the post being so long, i needed to give the full story as so to prevent accusations of being some kinda thug or something, me my mother and my father are law-abiding citizens.

my brother on the otherhand....
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