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the traffic light my dad got from work, it came down in a bad storm and was bashed up pretty bad, the guys from the city said its cheaper for them to replace them then fix em so they gonna throw i out, so my dad asked if he could have it. it meant less work for the workers you know, not having to haul it around, so they gave it to him.

they didn't take the cap guns or the nade, but my mother told me the Sgt freaked out over it something about this not being "totally legal" but i have noticed there are things missing from the basement, like an old 1911 cap gun i painted up and had in a case (first "gun" mod)

I'm not sure if I'm even gonna bother going to court with them, not really worth me taking time off off just to go laugh at my brother

alot of cops are cool about this kinda thing but it seems the Sargent was a dick, prolly told he had to work on Xmas or something
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