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Exclamation A damn close call...

Alright so for the week before Xmas i was living at a Buddy's place as he just got a PS3, and seeing as I'm the gamer he sits me in front of it and tells me to play (fucking 65inch high def TV and $16,000 surround sound setup).

Anyways, I come home Xmas eve you know to do the whole family thing and at some point i run down to the basement to grab something or w/e, when i get down there i find that several things arnt there anymore.

let me take the time to describe the stuff in my basement.

We have 2 newspaper boxes (sun and the national post) that my dad got from work, something about them being broken into and garbage, a "lot full" light up sign my dad got from work as well for the same reasons, and finally a traffic light that had fallen down just out front of the hospital my dad runs in an storm, he got it cus he asked the workers if he could have it, seeing as they were gonna throw it out anyways they said sure.

So now we got all this cool stuff strung up in our basement, actually looks really good. However i come down there to find all the fore-mentioned items were gone, so i asked what happened to them, i got the same reply from my dad my mom and my brother they all said "its a long story" then my brother said "mom got sick of them"

so i don't think of it much until Xmas when i make note that the traffic light looks like it had been riped down, so i ask my mom and she gives me the same story just saying "its a long story". So i push into the matter until she finally tells me what happened.

Heres the rundown.

My brother (18) had gone to a party the Saturday a week before Xmas, he says when the owner of the house passed out there were 13 ppl there, when my brother left there was 300 or so at this house party, the whole house was trashed, broken windows cabinets smashed holes in the walls, you know teenage destruction kinda shit, well my brother (who is a druggie BTW) when he left stole this guys 360 (his excuse was cus i took mine to my buddies place) and walked out. seems almost everyone saw him take it, so the next day (Sunday) in the morning 5 Toronto Police officers (3 uniformed 2 non) show up at our house with a search warrant to find the stolen 360, lucky for me they go right to the basement, where they find the 360.

However, turns out the Sargent was a fucking asshole and starts pointing out other illegal shit, including the paper boxes the sign and the traffic light saying they are stolen. so now both my brother and dad are getting charged (brother for theft and my dad for possession of stolen items). along the way they found some of my things in the basement they "didn't like" (according to my mother) things like my dummy hand grenade i got at some surplus store a long time ago and some old cap guns. idk what they took of mine but i got to wait till the end of the month when the court date happens.

heres how lucky i got, in the other room (they would have walked past it to get to the TV in the basement) there is a storage room, if they had gone in there they would have found afew cases, one of which says "Walther" in nice bold engraved writing which when you open it would have the cutout in the foam for a handgun. had my brother hidden the 360 or sold it and they were to have searched the whole house, they would have gone into my room and found something kinda like this...

4 air rifles (non airsoft) laying in the corner of my room on a rack, my wall hanger collection on the wall right across from my door (all airsoft guns, crappy but airsoft none the less) cases with my better stuff in it and right there on my bed was 2 of my handguns (airsoft) and one of my wall hangers which i was getting ready to put up, along with afew swords and the like and my collection of brass and firearm related collectibles

now let me stress i got to all this stuff legally, weather through surplus stores or on line, but all of it is legal.


we all know how airsoft is gray line and based off the attitude of this Sargent, if he Had seen that i would have been charged out the wazoo with god knows how many counts of "possession of a replica firearm" or some other bullshit charge.

the second i heard this happened i promptly ran to my room, ripped everything off the walls and relocated it to a buddy's place (air softer)

my god if they had just come into my room man, i don't even wanna think about how bad that would have been, lucky for me i wasn't home, if i was then when the cops showed up i would have been in my room and they would have come up to get me before they did there search which would have meant a cop walking into my room.

i sware I'm very pissed off about this, now I'm too worried about what my dumb ass brother will do to be able to keep my airsoft stuff at my house.


i tell ya i hope he gets hit with something hard when that court thing comes around, my dad on the other hand is fighting the charges as he got all his stuff legally.

OK thats my story, happy new years everyone

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