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Originally Posted by pawscal View Post
Scarecrow, Can you please explain why bb bastard .30 bb are 5 times the price of their .20 counterparts? I dont think plastic is that expensive!
No, plastic is generally not expensive. But .28 and beyond are not pure ABS either and there is a cost in forming it properly for airsoft use, otherwise people would be crumpling up plastic shopping bags into BBs and shooting that. I can say I am the ONLY vendor to spec out his own product, so my costs are more than just the odd rice bag purchase of an offshore gray market BB manufacturer.

I would suggest if you think its a good deal based on its quality, its worth the money. You're leading me to having to defend myself by slagging KSC or any other vendors by pointing out differences that experienced players already know. But I will say you get what you pay for, and if you have an expensive gun, a disintegrated BB in your feedpath will quickly establish the value of a well made more expensive product over a cheaper lower quality one. I've never had that happen with any BB in my product line. I know that KSC and AE can't make that claim. Point of fact, AE's blew in my first M4 and caused me about $200 worth of repairs, and only because I bought Gump dinner that night. After than I was much more careful about my ammo selection. That also ended my relationship with AE and when I saught out a solution that I had more control over.

I leave my value pricing on the highest volume products which is the .20 and .25 product line, which most of my customers are grateful for. .28s kick it up a notch and are for those concerned with accuracy but semi-auto and full-auto use, the .30 product I envision to be used by those engaging in sniping precision rather than patterning or outright hosing - in either GBB, AEG or PTW. I don't see someone using .30's in a highcap...

Originally Posted by pawscal View Post
I rather support a canadian buisness also but 75$ worth of bbs per game? No thanks.
... then again I would not discourage it either.

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
3000 rounds of any weight per game is a bit prodigious.... If your trigger finger's that heavy, maybe you don't need to switch to 0.30g.... If you switch to 0.30g, maybe you won't need 3000 rounds to hit something.
My point exactly. Thank you Saint.

Incidently, I have approximately 180 bags of .30. After that they are gone and I will evaluate if I want to do another run. Frankly the .30 run is me sticking my big toe in the water and responding to people like Sha Do and CDN_Stalker who have been after me to produce a cost effective accurate sniping round that can be used in both a BA or an electric in semi or full auto. Both of them will be fielding my product this summer and will give me the yeah or nay on the product and on that and customer response I will decide if I will carry it in the future.
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