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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
KSC perfects work in everything...
Oddly enough, KSC Perfects jam up the magazines for my KSC Glock 17 and give me feed problems. I've had feed problems in my CA M15 with them as well. But they've been fine in all my other guns. The KSC BBs were from 3 different sources too (one from redwolf, one from Uncompany, and one bag from some other ebay seller), so I don't think they would all be 'bad batches'.

Been using Metaltech lately, and haven't had an issue in any of my guns. Fired off almost a whole bag of their black .20s so far, and no issues whatsoever, either with jams or with accuracy. I did have to tighten the hop-ups on ALL my guns with metaltech though.

Can't say what they're like with tightbores though. I have stock barrels on all my guns.

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