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Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
Was this in a safe? I can't believe he just had this in a room?

I'm not trying to be a prick here, I have been robbed before, but after just this:

- 1x Systema PTW SIR
- 1x Systema PTW SPR w/ scope
- 1x Systema PTW VN
- 1x Systema PTW CQBR w/folding grips, Eotech hollowsight

I would have been as Bass Pro buying a friken safe....

Now if that room had concrete walls and a steel door please disregard, but after getting to 5 grand in guns alone I think a safe would have been in order before going any further. That list reads like a retail inventory.
he just finished moving to this brand new custom house two weeks ago the room is a concrete room with solid wood door( the metal one is not here yet) the padlock was busted open and the door lock was either kicked in or hammered in (there was a lot of damage on the door and frame), lucky he have not moved his real steel yet (The safe delivery was delayed) on behalf of Ray and Team Hot Shot, I thanked all the members here for their assistance in posting the stolen items on other boards.

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