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Originally Posted by dontask View Post
awesome review colin, I really want one of those to compare with my KSC M9 1st gen (send one my way? )

the PTP seems to be only a marketing term used by KWA since KSC is only calling theirs the new version (also full metal)
from what I've read the only thing different from the old one is the blowback chamber and the new mag design
it's a shame they left the outer barrel plastic

just a note: WA M9's and the old KSC/KWA M9's are all capable of decocking too

360fps... wow that's amazing
but are you sure the sights are non-adjustable?
Heh thanks, unfortunately I'm having a bit too much fun with the M9 PTP right now to send it to someone else but nice try.

Yeah I saw that KSC has a new version M9 but I'm not sure if it's exactly the same (although I think it is). Thanks for the info on the M9 decocking, lol I took KWA's word for it that it's the only company that does that.

Yep, the sights are not adjustable they're molded (dunno if that's the right term) into the slide.

Originally Posted by Griffin View Post
You would be able to take the gun to TTAC3 just on the range and get good accuracy test done?.
I plan to but I'd like to see it in an outdoor environment before I comment on accuracy... With my old Hi Capa 5.1 and my TM 1911 I can hit static targets 100' away would like similar ranges to test with.

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