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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
Hey guys I'm posting this up for a teammate of mine, his house got broken into last night and his airsoft room in the basement got raided clean can you guys please keep an eye out for these items, majority of the Airsoft AEG and GBB are highend items and all of them have a laser engraving of the following

"Team Hot SHot" or "Tanker888"

Items missing

- 1x Systema PTW SIR
- 1x Systema PTW SPR w/ scope
- 1x Systema PTW VN
- 1x Systema PTW CQBR w/folding grips, Eotech hollowsight
- 2x Full metal HK 51, one of them with a mosquito mold RIS
- 1x TM original Spetznaz (no stock)w/ carrot paratrooper grips
- 1x TM full metal MSG 90
- 1x TM full metal PSG1
- 1x Killer studio AUG phantom
- 1x full Zeke TM M4
- 1x Top M60 long
- 1x Top M249
- 1x G&P M249 full metal w/ 2 x box magazine
- 1x M134 vulcan non firing model
- 24x Systema PTW magazine
- 3x Systema digital chargers
- 2x Hero M16 drum mag
- 1x Hero?? AK Drum mag

- 2x Killer studio 6"infinity
- 2x "Original" W/A Prokiller
- 1x Full metal sherrif W/A 1911
- 1x TEC 9 KWC??
- 1x JAC M16
- 1x Toytec M60
- 2x W/A Xccelarator with 4 mags
- 2x Compact W/A infinity
- 2x Full metal W/A 6"infinity
- 2x Full metal W/A Speed comp with Tasco red dot
- 1x Full metal W/A CQB

if you guys see anything on ANY buy and sell advertisement please PM me, all items are taken from his residence in Richmond Hill, the police are aware of the items taken. I have been authorized to let all members know that there will be a substantial amount in reward money if any tips will lead to any arrest.

Thank you


*EDIT All the AEG, GBB and all magazine have a custom laser engraving of "Team Hot Shot" or "Tanker 888", all items are in mint condition with minor tear and wear unfortunately there are no special muzzle or any other marking aside from the engraving

i can post this up on JOC as well and we will all be watching out

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