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Hehe, thanks a bunch Scarecrow, I appreciate your getting some "heavy bastards" in and I will run them through their paces and let everyone know how they work out in GBBs and sniper rifles (and will chrony and compare to the SIIS rounds I currently have, be nice to compare to KSC Perfect 0.30g as well).

Be nice if we could get something heavier, along the lines of 0.33g or 0.34g custom made and be able to outclass any of the Straight/Digicon ammo. THAT would be sweet! And would corner the market in North America.

To those wondering about my statement about using 0.30g in my GBBs, check this out:

And compare to your previous experiences with GBBs using 0.20g or even 0.25g BBs. I think this might change a few minds and make people start supporting more 0.30g Bastards as far as sales go in the future. If 0.29g and 0.30g BBs can penetrate cardboard at 90ft when shot from a little KSC Glock 19...............
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