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CDN_Stalker, you'll have some .30 bastards shortly, I sent some packages up to Testtube last week - should be there shortly. Interested in your feedback on them. I honestly don't know *how* they will perform - I've always felt .28 was sort of the outer limit for the stock and up to 400fps guns we tend to play with. I'm worried the .30 weight will be too much for regular field guns and too little for snipers. I'm letting the community be the judge and if they like it I'll carry more of it.

I've often gone to this particular site for BB ballistics, , and its never steered me wrong. There is a lot of misinformation out there - Stalkers practical tests confirm what I've observed and what I have read - although the 10fps:0.02gr rule is a new and easy to remember twist - thanks!
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