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Joe, if you don't get this resolved in a manner that you deem "a reasonable amount of time", contact me.

I hardly have time for myself these days, let alone airsoft... i come on maybe once a week and it pisses me off to see stuff like this happening, especially around Christmas time.

I just had $300 stolen from me this past weekend by "a friend of a friend." She's a really cute girl too, which makes it that much of a harder pill to swallow. It's also made my holiday season much tougher to bear, as that money was all I had budgeted for social activities from now through New Years. Although I don't have undeniable proof that she took it, she is the only plausible suspect in a room of people that I fully know and trust. So at the moment, I'm extra bitter.

Anyways, let me know if you don't get this resolved and I'll put a move on having the age-verified status of the brother revoked.

Age verification is a privilege, akin to having a driver's license. You should be lending your account to complete deals as much as you should be lending your driver's license to someone else to use (ie, never.)
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