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Originally Posted by pizzainthemorning View Post
What about hop up friction? I mean, actual contact with the bb takes place during the hop up process. The heavier the bb, the more hop up you have to put on. The more friction:

1. The greater a drop in fps (wouldn't there be?)

2. The greater the chance of shooting off course. We've all seen the hop up pictures in the manuals. When you add too much hop, the bb goes anywhere and everywhere. I don't know, it just seems like brushing the bb with something physically solid (so not like air) would have some kind of effect.

I know heavier bb's are great at maintaining momentum and staying straight in the wind, but wouldn't hop up friction cancel that out a bit?

I use 0.28's in a 400+ fps gun myself, though, I don't know, I'm not always convinced they're "that much" better. Once I get in the parts to fix it I'll have to test.

Yes, hop up does take some of the velocity down, but not that much if it's set right. Heavier BBs, such as 0.28g, are more stable at greater distances, hence they range benefit, you can keep more of them on target (in the area of the target I should say) than if you were using lighter BBs. These tests were with my CA M24, and the hop up was set for 0.30g BBs, so the net velocities would be higher than what I recorded, but then again I didn't do this to point out what the spring and other parts are putting out, I just used it because it's a consistant gun.

Regarding the fps drop from hop up settings, I just rebuilt one of my MP5s for a friend to use at an indoor game yesterday. Stock spring, 330mm barrel, bearing spring guide, new Deep Fire piston and head, and MadBull hop up rubber. Hop up off was netting me between 335-340fps using 0.20g BBs, then I set my hop up for straightest range past 150ft (as good as I could see white BBs flying across snow) using 0.25g BBs and chronied again, largely I sat around the 318-320fps area using 0.20g again. So the drop with hop up is there, just not that big.
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