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Interesting topic CND_Stalker.. I tested a bunch of BB weights for a while as well before settling on a weight for my Maruzen L96. These are the numbers I can remember off hand.. they're by no means a scientifically controlled test, or even done on the same day.. But thought I'd add my 2 cents in there.

on a Maruzen L96 6.01mm Barrel and.. i can't remember the spring..

KSC perfect
.20 440 fps
.25 360 fps

Maruzen SGM
.29 295-320 fps

.36 260-290 fps
.43 210-230 fps

These are by no means controlled tests, but I can tell you through playing games that .29 Maruzen grand master BB's are by far the most accurate and have the most reach -which gives us BA users the highest chance of survival. :P

I've tried .30's as well. and although they fly to a similar distance and FPS the consistency is nowhere near that of .29 SGM's, which effectively reduces your maximum effective range by about as much as 30%. (a guesstimate). But yes, it's that significant.

I'm not talking about FPS consistency, but the consistency of flight path. SGM's give you a very nice arch and doesn't deviate much from your scope view. If you fire a SGM at target A, it'll be affected by wind, pressure, all that great stuff, hitting your target point say 1ft left and 2ft low. If you aim 1 ft right and 2 ft higher. you'll hit your target the second shot spot on. (unless winds change dramatically in the time it takes you to chamber your next shot.)

With most other brands I've tried, this just isn't true. the bb's fly almost randomly. Some deviate more than others and when you're lucky you'll get 2 that take on the same flightpath. but chances are, if you're firing 5 bolt action shots at someone they probably would have seen you by then and will have emptied a highcap in your general direction. (yeah, I know I don't hide very well)

If you can't afford or can't get ahold of the SGM's the .36's aren't too terrible. but probably 20% less range than the SGM's. .20 and .25 are unusable in a BA at 450ish FPS. (field limit) They simply curve randomly making any accurate shots a test of luck. .43's are far too heavy and SLOW. They take a very predictable parabolic arch. Unfortunately they drop too fast (to the point where it leaves your scope view at maximum ranges, making shots hard to track, and thus.. hard to adjust.) It also flies so slow that people can see them comming and dodge them. They are consistent I guess, just not very useful in a game giving you almost AEG range at a slower ballistic speed and ROF.

So there you have it. Give them SGM's a shot and you'll be convinced. (provided it's not your rifle that's not consistent.) I run a 6.01 barrel. I have never had a Jam with SGMs. on my 3rd .36 digicon round, it jams. That says something about their quality control, I don't use any other brand in that gun. I've gone through around 600 rounds of SGM's in the gun's lifetime and it's always performed wonderfully and has had many many kills. I've never actually measured the ranges.. but if you guys know the Flag raiders Omaha map, the optimum max range that I've found to be reliable is from the top floor in the boat to the bunker. You can hit head sized targets from the boat through the bunker window at around 30% accuracy with SGM's at field limit BA guns and light wind.
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