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If you're asking those questions, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to build from scratch.

It takes more than just saying "I think I'll do it" to be able to do it.

I owned and worked on 3 guns before building a gun, and even then, certain aspects were difficult. There is filing, drilling, and dremmeling involved, and you could very easily mess up your body or mechanisms if you do not know what you are doing.

You have to know exactly what components you need, where everything goes, and which components are better to use than others.

My advice, and probably that of anyone else who has had experience working on guns, is to get a decent gun, and find someone to help you learn about the mechanics, customize the gun, and then maybe for your next gun, you can DIY.
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Give your head a shake, man. You don't jump out of a shaky car so you can ride in one that's on fire.
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I also noticed for the first time that Bod sounds a lot like Jango Fett.
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I like the part where he got banned.

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