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What's the differences? :O

So.. I think I'm gonna be smart and spend some money for once..

Rather than buying a whole new gun.. I'll make a custom one! I'll probably look back at myself and say.. Wow. You're a dumbass.. Shoulda just boughten a CA or something quality like that.

Anyways.. I figured I'd do a little project. I want to make an M4.

To start off, I'll probably buy a Metal Receiver (Or midsection), a nice "Crane" stock, reinforced metal barrel, tightbore inner barrel, and just get some nice wiring wherever.

The question is : What's the differences between "Version 1, 2, or 3" mechboxes? Just strength? Reliability? Accessability? All of the above? :O

I'd like to get the best stuff.. So I'm guessing Version 3 would be what I'm looking for.. But is it REALLY worth it?
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