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looking at the TM spetz I think they were trying to sujjest a short version of the AK-47, which would have been called AK-47U, which most of us probably know does not exsist. The one that most of you keep pointing out is the AK-74U which indeed exsists, but looks quite diffrent from theTM spetz. I believe that the AK-74U is not the TM spetz, and therefore the TM spetz (exactly itsself) does not have a real-steel counter part. The spetz might be baised on the AK-74U but does not represent it. Especially the fact that the AK-47 and AK-74 used quite diffrent rounds, although I think there might have been a Bulgarian AK variant based on the AK-74U but used ak-47 rounds. However I remember it looked quite diffrent from any AK I have ever seen, especialy the TM spetz, I can also confidently say it was the ugliest looking AK varient I ever laid eyes on lol.
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