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Possible? ECHO-1 M4 XM-177 Issues.

From what I've seen around the interweb, the Echo-1 M4 series is incredible for it's price, and it's medium grade rating.

Now, with that, I've taken a look at Echo-1 M203 (barrel mounted, not RIS) grenade launchers.. You'd think it would be supported BY an Echo-1.. No?

Well, normally that would be common sense. But in this case it seems to be hazy. I'm not sure what to think..

So, from what I've read as previously stated, the "Outer" barrel is not very strong.. So it cannot support the launcher. They would suggest buying a newer "Reinforced" outer barrel.

My question is.. What's so reinforced about the "reinforced" outer barrels?

More simply, what IS an outer barrel and why don't many people like them?

lastly, how would I reinforce one myself? I don't feel like spending another 80 dollars for a barrel after the 180 total for launcher and shells .

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