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Originally Posted by gorillasurplus View Post
I just have to run thru a bit of red tape first (legal implications with selling and buying, meeting with the VPD - thanks Marcus!, prices, shipment dates and how fast we'd be able to get product in if special ordered, etc.)
If I were to start such a business offering, I'd get in touch with Peter from XP (if you can), Wil from Specarms and Matty from Warcraft Games in Mission. They likely won't (or can't) talk about their dealings with the CBSA, but if they can they would be a bundle of good information. I'm not trying to be a party pooper here, but these 3 individuals had all the appropriate paperwork for their respective businesses, and were shut down by the Man anyway. I'd LOVE to see a new place to purchase airsoft, especially if there's walk in sales involved. I hope this works out for everyone, and kudos for setting it up.
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