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Originally Posted by gorillasurplus View Post
Hey everyone!!! Awesome community you have here!!!

Looks like this just might be a go in the new year! I just have to run thru a bit of red tape first (legal implications with selling and buying, meeting with the VPD - thanks Marcus!, prices, shipment dates and how fast we'd be able to get product in if special ordered, etc.) Please start asking questions so I can answer them to the best of my ability - It also lets me learn more about airsoft in general! If I can't answer right off the bat I'll do my best to research and reply!

Again, it might take a month or two to get the ball rolling on this one, and any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

Cool beans,
Gorilla Surplus

Let's give Rob all the help we can as we have an excellent opportunity here to see airsoft expand!
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