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Sorry to hear of your dilemma Tank. I really hope it sorts itself out for you. Some people are just arseholes and have nothing better to do than to screw around.
I'm having a similar experience with two clowns right now. they pm me interested in my M1A1.
They plead "please put it aside pending payment"(to reserve it) and so I package it up real well, making it bomb proof and wait. I get contact info and words of assurances that payment is on the way. Well no sign of payment. I email and pm. NADA!
Please have the common courtesy to be truthful of your interest in said item and at least fire off an email or pm. Maybe a reply would be nice? Maybe someone else would like the item?
Others want the price to go lower. I'm selling stuff because I'm outting from airsoft. My stuff is brand new and having just been used to display. They want the moon and the sky. I try to be fair and sell it to the price they want with the damn shipping included. Guess what? still not good enough. Now, they want to send half now and half later. I tell them I'm willing to go the price they want ,but in return, they must follow my payment terms. My feedback is all good.
Will I accept empty pop bottles? and what they will find in their piggy banks? Very frustrating!

I've had nothing, but great transactions so far in the past and it's only until recently that things have gotten really wacky.
Good luck to you Tank, and keep us posted. It's amazing that some people will dirty their reps for $100.
I say that there should be a hall of shame with names mentioned for deadbeat sellers and buyers in order to protect future customers and sellers.

Happy Holidays to all!
Politicians are like Diapers, they need to be changed often and for the same reasons!

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