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Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
So we can safely say that using a heavier BB, coupled with some modifications that would normally make an AEG skyrocket over the safe 400fps mark, is the best bet?

Accuracy appears to come from the heavier BB, so the .43 listed would be the best, and just use upgraded springs and internals to compensate for the loss of velocity - and then never, ever, ever load it with anything lighter for safety reasons.
There actually is a point of which heavier doesn't do better simply because the range drops off by a large amount. I've shot more 0.43g BBs out of my KSC G19 (got a 120ft kill as well, even though I had to aim just over the guy's head) than I have through my sniper rifles, mainly since there needs to be a lot of hop up to get the BB out to whatever distance. Typically I use 0.30g and 0.36g (for windier conditions), just because they both have their uses and offer a decent range and accuracy (to a point, no airsoft gun can get really far, really accurately) at that range. So while heavier is more *accurate* (stable in flight), going too heavy restricts your ability to get the BB there. One example is 0.36g BBs in my KJW M700. Using 0.30g BBs I can get out past 200ft easily. But with 0.36g, I have to turn the hop up full on, and when shooting level, my BBs drop at around the 150ft mark. Too heavy for the gun. And another gun, I set up a G&P SPR to shoot close to 500fps, we tried 0.36g in it, and they just didn't fly very well or far. Sure, they did thte 100ft range no problem, but it felt like the gun was struggling to get them there well. Hard to explain really, but I recommended the owner just use 0.30g maxium weight.
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