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Originally Posted by T_A_N_K View Post
I mean no system is perfect, even with a lot of feed back, chances of getting screwed over are not 100% its just less likely when dealing with someone.

Anymore horror stories?

I had a package shipped from the states once. Paid $500 US, Guy insured it for $1000 in which I had to pay duties for. Didn't fill in the proper paper work and I had to track his ass down to send the proper info to Fed Ex as it couldn't be cleared. Ended up having to pay another 2% worth of duties as Fed Ex had to get someone to inspect the package. After all that when i got it, I didn't recieve everything that was promised asked him about it, said he shipped it. Filed a paypal dispute and I got it the next day as he shipped it the day of and bam I get a bill from Fed Ex for brokerage fees. $500 item ended up costing 700.
oh boy. not much you can do in a situation like this. if he was going to games id get 2 of my biggest friends and ask him nicely *whack whack* give him 3 days and ask him again even more politely. also try to find out where he lives.
but sometimes you just get screwed and have to bite the bullet. what i would do is keep harassing him and harassing him over and over until he finally gives it to you. spread the word that he is a bad dealer and give him bad rep.

look on the bright side, it cold be all 300 bux

im not kidding about the getting rough part. sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to get results.
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