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Echo1 CAW ATS shotty

So I just got me this baby and figured I would do a little review. Mind you I have not gamed it yet or had a chance to test range or anything tho I did manage to chrony it.

So the the Shotty is made by CAW and re-branded with the Echo1 name on it. Even says so on the manual. Now berfore I start a interesting thing about this shot gun is that it uses mags and not shells. On top of that is also only fires 1 bb's at a time and is spring powered.

The build of the gun is mainly ABS, allot like the TM shot guns. Tho the thing feels pretty dam solid. Not nearly as nice as a Full metal Tanaka, but it has a nice weight to it and is very comfortable to shoulder. I have used a TM super 90 in the past and it felt very long and hard for me to hold since I am not a 6 foot tall white dude :P

Mag that loads in the bottom like a regular shotty.

Now the stock is pretty neat, but kinda hard to use. It has 5 postions you can lock in, but in order to move it you need to push a button, rotate the stock at a angle and slide it down. Plus finding the different points is kinda tough since you have to line it up with a groove on then turn it back to lock it in place.

Now the box says this baby will do 420 FPS with .20g. Now I chorned this thing at 395 with .20g. The interesting thing is that being a springer and with the FPS pretty dam hight the forgrip is not that hard to cock. Compared to my TM spa-12 and Tm shorty I would say this one is actually easier even tho this ones shoots much harder. My TM's only do around 250-260 FPS with 3 bb's. Also the forgrip ABS is kinda hard to grip and I bet putting on some tape or somthing would make it even easier to grip and rack.

While I only just got this so far I have to say I like it. It feel snice, was not uber pricey like the Marushin or Tanaka shottys, has a top rail and good performance. Have no data on how reliable it is yet tho and the it is a spinger shot gun that fires 1 bb's at a time so you could say it's actually more like a sniper rifle. Mind you I take that as a plus since I like the idea of pulling out my shotty and sniping someone Anyone who has run a TM shotty outdoors knows how hard it is to get with in 15 meters to get a kill!

Will post up more info after I game it.

Amano out!

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