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**Irregardless of the range issue, these tests were done to provide data for a sniper rifle with certain upgrades, a certain spring for fps differences in between BB weights. This testing does not talk about range at all, just the differences seen with a consistant gun shooting various weights in a controlled environment**

Now, regarding range vs. weight, two things that nullify the entire range argument are as follows:

Maximum Range:

Where the BB eventually lands, doesn't matter where you aim, it goes where it goes based upon velocity, air density, any wind or vortices along it's path.

Effective Range:

The farthest possible distance your BB stays within the area of where you aim, say within 4ft maximum.

Heavier BBs will have a longer effective range that lighter BBs. Lighter BBs will have a farther maximum range than heavier BBs. Effective range of heavier BBs plus stability plus brush penetration is the key to BB choice.

Have said before, I have an MP5 with a Prometheus 110SP spring in it, shoot 365fps with 0.20g BBs, I can get 0.28g BBs past 200ft easily, and at about a 4ft spread at that distance. Good enough to hit a guy? Yup! Using 0.20g BBs, didn't try it at that point, but had a year's worth of experinece shooting only 0.20g, effective range of them from a 350fps gun is about 120-130ft maximum before they float off somewhere else other than where you aimed. Nuff said.

BTW, I among others enjoy arguing fact vs. physics, always fun when strong math skills prove lighter has farther range, and the way they try to explain why heavier goes farther and more accurately when they actually see it done with a moderately upgraded gun.

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