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I support a dealer with +18 rules in place despite being a minor myself. What I need most is a local source for accessories - better to see the product yourself, and buy it locally, then to wait for a week for the thing to come from hong kong, and finally realize you've been finger-fucked like Mary Jane Rottencrotch in her pretty pink panties when you see that they forgot the fucking adapter for the charger (happened once, will happen again). It'd hopefully create enough competition to lower prices across the country - I understand all shops need to cover costs, fees, taxes, shipping and also make a profit for themselves, but I'd rather not have ridiculous markups A&A and 007Airsoft are famous for. While it's indisputable that the Lower Mainland's Airsoft population would strongly encourage this to happen, there needs to be a change with the current state of pricing across Canada in order for business to be sucessful.
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