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i would support another retailer.
but ... if you are going to markup the pices like at AA and 007 then i would not buy from you. i would just buy used on ASC.

i know you are into it to make a profit ETC i know it's a bissness and would be glad to pay your company for it's services ETC shipping ... cost of licence .. ETC with your company markup.
but our dollar is amost at par with the us dollar and when you see the prices form WGC 175 - 300 $ US for a TM gun. the you sell at 600 - 700 $ i find your just getting riped off. if the prices are lower you will get high volume of sales insted of waiting for stock to sell ETC. why do you thing jing jong guns are selling so well. not becuse people think they are better than TM but, it is becuse they are selling for around 300 $ and money talks. even then Jing Jong go for 75$ new on WGC and AA is selling them at 300$+ that's a crazy markup im my mind. but they are the cheapest mid range gun's that seem to work well.

the only thing i will tell you is that i have not boght a new airsoft gun from 007 or AA since they have changed there prices. and i will not do so untill prices change. untill that day comes i will just look on the bords here and see if i can get a deal used. i know i am not the only one who feels this way.

p.s the last new gun i boght was my G36 that i boght off of asc armory

everone else seems to support this idea.

i would too but... not if you overcharge.

my 2 cents

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