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Originally Posted by Oberst39 View Post
Well we have not discussed the details of the amount of supply and that sort of thing as of yet. At this point, we are just trying to guage the interest in the airsoft community in having a reputable dealer such as Gorilla supply airsoft items. Rob from Gorilla Surplus is going to look into suppliers as well as all the red tape that may or may not be required. But I am hoping that if we as a community show enough interest then I believe he will start supplying. Speaking to him today he is genuinely interested in doing this. So speak up lads and make your voices heard!!!!
make sure you get empire aisoft account, as he is planning on fabricating lower receivers for Systema PTW and there is Redwolf, Uncompany, WGC Shop, actually the more the better. Meaning you can shop for the best prices and provide that price to us and of course there will be more options "AEG, AEP, GGB, etc..." for us out there to choose from, which will lead to more customers, with more customers you will have a better income return, and the circle get's bigger and bigger....get the picture....
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