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Originally Posted by BBS View Post
instances like these are rare. sorry to hear that bro.
I mean no system is perfect, even with a lot of feed back, chances of getting screwed over are not 100% its just less likely when dealing with someone.

Anymore horror stories?

I had a package shipped from the states once. Paid $500 US, Guy insured it for $1000 in which I had to pay duties for. Didn't fill in the proper paper work and I had to track his ass down to send the proper info to Fed Ex as it couldn't be cleared. Ended up having to pay another 2% worth of duties as Fed Ex had to get someone to inspect the package. After all that when i got it, I didn't recieve everything that was promised asked him about it, said he shipped it. Filed a paypal dispute and I got it the next day as he shipped it the day of and bam I get a bill from Fed Ex for brokerage fees. $500 item ended up costing 700.

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