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Originally Posted by moderatesniper View Post
What does he owe you $100 for? Not double taping or something? Need a little more info before I can get on the "Head-on-a-Spike" Bandwagon.
When I was reffering to double tapping, I meant generally that it pisses me off when people do shitty package jobs. Extra pieces of tape although not very expensive are vital on how a package survives shipping. Wasn't referring to him specifically just venting.

Basically, I bought something for $300 that he was going to get me. When the item arrived he liked it soo much he kept it for himself and would order another one for me. I didn't like that so I wanted a refund, however he used MY money to buy what he kept. He paid me $200 in the first week and has been dragging his ass on the other $100 for over 2 months. As for checking his trader rating, the person had his verified status removed for being a shitty seller, however, he used his brother's account to do the transaction with me, who has positive feedback. It was only after payment was sent that I found out his actual screen name. The fact is I know he has been spending money, on airsoft (IE. posting in for sale adds, attending games, ect) which only puts fuel on the fire.

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