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Gravy, I thought that was the case. Just thought I would check just to be sure. (Karma hates me, I'm the only person on the planet who could buy a lotto ticket and wind up OWING money)
And the karma strikes!! A few weeks and the charger just doesnt work now. I discharge and that seems to work, battery is warm after, but i cant charge at all.

I plug in a battery and it just beeps every 2-3 seconds with the trickle charge light on. I fast charge (1-1.5a, tried with both my 1200mah and a new 1400mah intellect stick batteries) and it seems like its doing its thing, but after about 30 minutes it goes back to beeping-trickle and the battery is cold.

I checked the fuses and all is well. This has me totally stumped since it has all of 1 button and the dial on it. Not sure how to even trouble shoot this kind of thing. Have I got a lemon-charger on my hands (ie. time to buy a new one already), or is this some mind numbingly simple doo-dad that is striving to make me look like a gibbering tard?

addendum: After leaving the 1400mah in the charger for a few hours on trickle charge it DID get a partial charge.. didnt warm up at all, but worked quite well through a few low-caps. So the trickle charge is working just the fast charge does nothing.

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