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Angry Getting ripped off - Discuss

If this isn't an appropriate section, mods could you kindly move it please and thank you. I figured it was since it has to do with someone on this board.

I have a problem with someone on this forum. They owe me money and for what I believe for a long time. Now the fact is, I don't need it right away and can do without it, but its mine and I want it back. It isn't a lot of money when looking at how much airsoft costs and. Personally since this person has never taken the initiative to contact me, as it has always been me pursuing the issue, it makes me believe that he does not care to pay me back, although saying otherwise which is a blatant lie. I have seen him post about spending money or attempting to, although he obviously has a debt to pay off, now personally when I saw this, it pissed me off. I mean honestly, its almost been over 2 months, IMHO thats more than enough time to pay off $100. I have contacted him in early November regarding the status of the money and have gotten reinsurance that he will have it although he hasn't gotten back to me since. I mean sure, I understand shit can hit the fan, unexpected bills come, you trash your car, ect. I'm a nice guy, I don't want to be nasty but I have no problem doing it. I gave him time, 1 week, 2 weeks, a month, and now its been over two. I mean how long is someone suppose to wait? I'm not going to name names, at least not yet and If I knew who this person was, I would have never done business with him to begin with, although he used someone else's account. Now if "you" are reading this, I have sent you a pm and expect a reply promptly or my money in my account. If neither has happened, I'm calling you out, and Im pretty sure your friends and team mates won't be too happy with you being associated with them as I know some of them and they are great people. You sir, are frankly an asshole, and I will burn you faster than hell itself.

I have done probably a lot of transactions, probably in the hundreds as I do a lot of buying and re-selling and I jump on good deal I know I can make money on and I get bored of things quick. Many face to face and many shipped, ranging from $5 to well over $1000. Now, I have been burned twice, however both cases the other party not local, in this case he is. I mean for the guys that do a lot of buying and selling, how often do you get burned and have a transaction went sour? ever feel that you get the shit end of the deal? I mean personally I believe you can get a lot of info based on how someone has shipped a package to you.

My big beef is, I hate it when I pay a lot of money for something and when it arrives the package job is a piece of shit, I mean really, how much does paper stuffing and double taping cost? I will take too much tape over too little, any day.

Anyways Its getting late and I need to sleep.

Discuss - My situation, (what would you do, what do you think about what I;ve done?) Biggest piss offs when doing transactions and transactions form hell.
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