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Can I import airsoft guns into Canada?

The short answer is no. The Canada Border Services Agency (formerly Canada Customs and Revenue Agency) has a directive that says airsoft guns are replicas and are thus prohibited from importation.

I’m gonna try importing a gun anyhow. What should I expect?

For starters, expect to have it seized by the CBSA without compensation. You will receive a Notice of Detention which states what’s been seized and why, and your options for appeal.

If you lose your appeal (which is the most likely scenario) or do not respond to the notice, your goods will be destroyed by the Crown. All that money you spent trying to get a better deal from overseas or the States is now gone. You will also likely be entered into the CBSA’s registry and be scrutinized more closely in the future.

Sometimes you have the option of having the goods returned to the sender rather than being destroyed, although most carriers will refuse to touch it if CBSA has branded it a “prohibited item”. You may be able to persuade a carrier with a BFL for prohibited goods to do it, although it may be difficult and is not always guaranteed. They will also typically need a permit to export prohibited items which very few - if any - carriers have. Assuming you can accomplish this however, you’ve now paid shipping for two directions and likely a nice restocking fee once your seller receives the item, presumably intact. So much for savings, huh?

Oh yeah, well my father’s brother’s mother’s nephew’s former roommate managed to get some guns across the border no problem.

Indeed they may have. Customs inspections are random and his obviously slipped through. If you can afford to play Russian roulette with your money that’s your decision, although bear in mind the more times you draw the ire of the CBSA, the more likely you’re to experience legal troubles as well

the full details are in the FAQ's


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