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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Look for the Krinkov. I Googled around and found several websites showing the gun as produced by more than one country. As said the name for it varies.

It comes in many calibers. So no, I am not mistaken. If I am, I am not alone. See what Google shows you before saying I'm wrong.
With your thinking, pretty much any AK you could imagine "is a variant". Yes, there are many configurations you can see, but I don't see one specifically for a TM spetsnaz. And no, the one Bin Laden has is way off. In fact, almost every part of it looks different, the receiver, bolt, stock, pistolgrip, foregrips, etc. I think the only things that are the same are the flashhider, sights, and possibly top cover and trigger/trigger guard. Pretty far off.

As for short magazines - I believe the most common use is for civilian/hunting firearms. But they have their advantages on the field.
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