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Originally Posted by Zeonprime View Post

Scarecrow any association will look elitist. I've reached the point of..don't like it? tough shit. Any host will know the cost and time put into the running of an event, and if we want to make sure we get maximum value our events, getting the best players attending is in the best interests of everyone else going.

as for "other players who are not the 7 hosts so we don't get accused of nepotism or anything." this sounds like an oversite group...which honestly doesnt sound nessecary... if people dont like what's happening it would be easier for them to simply not go to games and arrange their own. having a suggestion area, a place to put postings on status of issues on hand, etc. would be better. I know I have to bite my tongue on occasion when I get someone telling me how to run something or other and who obviously has no clue on how to implement said suggestion. heck we could get a complaint email address setup that get's CC'd to all the hosts on the council or whatever it would be called... so everyone knows when one has an issue...

oh and maybe something to qualify a person to sit with the group... say a specific minimum number of public games hosted and a vote to bring them on board? just a thought

ok rambling again.
maybe the way the game has evolved an oversite commitee or some sort of governance is what we needed
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