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Originally Posted by DC_ACU View Post
I know there are a lot of the same posts from every noob out there, but there is possibly an idea I came up with (don't know if its been discussed before) that could save the time, and patience, of many of you Chairsofters.
Lets face it, a lot of people on this site like to scream at every noob that comes on the site, and its rather disgusting to see, spread all over the forums.

Why hasn't someone set up an automatic PM that sends right after someone logs in the first few times? Ive worked with PHP nuke, and so do a lot of people in my family (we all work with computers) and I know it can be done. and it'd probably only take a few minutes to setup and type out the focus of the message.

... Discuss.
I agree completely. We should be HELPING OUT new players, not kicking them in the teeth for not having researched every finite detail about this sport before asking questions.

When we see their posts we need to turn zombie mode on and just answer the question. Anyone who works with the public or has had an instructor role in the past will know damn well that you repeat yourself again and again, but to different people. Get used to it, its part of everything.

If we show more respect for people (yes, chairsofting asshats, n00bs are PEOPLE) this sport will grow. Growth of this sport is a good thing, perhaps some of you should take it beyond your basements and living rooms.
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