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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
I'd be up for a discussion there, everyone is there, might as well take advantage. I agree Zeon, CANOP will be much more problematic to have that discussion - although I think its something we should not wait for CANOP for. It would actually be nice to have something in place by CANOP, something people could be introduced to.

I am not big on complex governance or anything corporate. The simplier and more automatic we make they system, the better it will serve both hosts and players. I really like the idea of a system that lets me leverage information that say TTAC gets on participants that I can then become aware of when I host my next event. As it stands now its take 3 or 4 events for an asshat to generally come to the attention of all of us. The system I am proposing would identify problems earlier and hopefully let us intervene earlier and rescue what might be a good player who's just not 'getting it'.
I'm not proposing any policy making .. just an informal meeting around a table at TAC-08.. 30 minute discussion regarding where we want to go, what we want to do... how much.. and on what time line.

Anything that gets implemented has to be devoted to facilitating the indoctrination of new players.. and remedial action on problem players..the course of punitive action has to always be a last resort. I think that right now we are quick to write off players earlier than maybe we should.. or could if we had some remedial actions available.
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