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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
I want to have a Game Host round table discussion about this exact initiative at TAC-08 it would be good to have as many of the hosts there as possible.
I'd be up for a discussion there, everyone is there, might as well take advantage. I agree Zeon, CANOP will be much more problematic to have that discussion - although I think its something we should not wait for CANOP for. It would actually be nice to have something in place by CANOP, something people could be introduced to.

I am not big on complex governance or anything corporate. The simplier and more automatic we make they system, the better it will serve both hosts and players. I really like the idea of a system that lets me leverage information that say TTAC gets on participants that I can then become aware of when I host my next event. As it stands now its take 3 or 4 events for an asshat to generally come to the attention of all of us. The system I am proposing would identify problems earlier and hopefully let us intervene earlier and rescue what might be a good player who's just not 'getting it'.
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