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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
I thought onf that a while ago, and as long as you're okay with setting yourself up with being accused of running a star chamber, or being elitist, no problem. I don't have an issue with it. I also had some ideas for a sign up system hosts could use to manage attendance at games and rate players, similar to an eBay rating. At a certain level you could ban or temp ban certain people from signing up when they reach a certain threshold, or, bring them to the attention of a group in charge of dealing with players like that (other players who are not the 7 hosts so we don't get accused of nepotism or anything). We would just need a good PHP programmer to make that app, I had it designed a while ago...
Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
The Population of hosts is much smaller .. and easier to organize than the population of players.

The fact is... if we as hosts and organizers put in place standards and best practice guidelines.. and enforce them... the players will have to accept them.. or not play.

There is already operating an informal player ban mechanism.. as I know of a few players who have been pretty much squeezed out of the main community due to behavior issues.

The building blocks are already in place it is just a matter of formalization.

I want to have a Game Host round table discussion about this exact initiative at TAC-08 it would be good to have as many of the hosts there as possible.

For players who don't know. Right now how it works is this.
You break a rule at a game, that host then informs when he or she remembers, any other host who thinks they need to know (If the player for example is a GTA player with limited the TTC. Then it's usually just the local hosts in the GTA that get told.).

Brian while a round table of HOSTS is a great idea, not sure TAC08 or even CANOP will be the proper venues for this idea... simply put we'd be too freaking busy with everything else we have to look after at either event to sit down with the others to hash out the system.

A sit down meeting away from distractions, with someone taking notes of the whole meeting.

I think as it stands right now break the host groups up into a Western Ontario (Durham region and west) and an eastern Ontario (East of Durham region) set of groups.

We still have registered and we know the guy who owns getting someone to make that php system scarecrow has intergrated should be possible. We know who the hosts are. basically we can sit in our chairs and talk about it or do something. Honestly this is a helluvalot easier than convincing airsofters to organize. As long as they have fun and safe games who really is going to complain? also if they don't like it..they can host their own games...but most fields will prefer using hosts they know and trust (as Joe from FR pointed out...not everyone gets to host afterhours night games).

Scarecrow any association will look elitist. I've reached the point of..don't like it? tough shit. Any host will know the cost and time put into the running of an event, and if we want to make sure we get maximum value our events, getting the best players attending is in the best interests of everyone else going.

as for "other players who are not the 7 hosts so we don't get accused of nepotism or anything." this sounds like an oversite group...which honestly doesnt sound nessecary... if people dont like what's happening it would be easier for them to simply not go to games and arrange their own. having a suggestion area, a place to put postings on status of issues on hand, etc. would be better. I know I have to bite my tongue on occasion when I get someone telling me how to run something or other and who obviously has no clue on how to implement said suggestion. heck we could get a complaint email address setup that get's CC'd to all the hosts on the council or whatever it would be called... so everyone knows when one has an issue...

oh and maybe something to qualify a person to sit with the group... say a specific minimum number of public games hosted and a vote to bring them on board? just a thought

ok rambling again.

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.

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