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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
I thought onf that a while ago, and as long as you're okay with setting yourself up with being accused of running a star chamber, or being elitist, no problem. I don't have an issue with it. I also had some ideas for a sign up system hosts could use to manage attendance at games and rate players, similar to an eBay rating. At a certain level you could ban or temp ban certain people from signing up when they reach a certain threshold, or, bring them to the attention of a group in charge of dealing with players like that (other players who are not the 7 hosts so we don't get accused of nepotism or anything). We would just need a good PHP programmer to make that app, I had it designed a while ago...
The Population of hosts is much smaller .. and easier to organize than the population of players.

The fact is... if we as hosts and organizers put in place standards and best practice guidelines.. and enforce them... the players will have to accept them.. or not play.

There is already operating an informal player ban mechanism.. as I know of a few players who have been pretty much squeezed out of the main community due to behavior issues.

The building blocks are already in place it is just a matter of formalization.

I want to have a Game Host round table discussion about this exact initiative at TAC-08 it would be good to have as many of the hosts there as possible.
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